Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Adventurous turns 10

by Jay Allbritton
It was also about this time in 2004 that I found their music by way of Largehearted Boy. This may well have been the post that did it right here.


derek said...

hey jay, this is derek + i used to check out tws all the time a while back but then the posts went from once a day to practically nothing. what happened? i really enjoyed the posts. is dr. diego okay? i hope all is well. i'm still a big rilo fan. wow, 10 years - more adventurous was their best, i think. after that, not so much. jenny's solo stuff has been really good too but her last one, not as much. still, great great music. i hope rilo gets back together some time. hope all is well + have a good one + take it easy. --- derek

Jay Allbritton said...

Hey Derek, I'm going to send you an email and say hello. I don't know if you would be likely to check back on this comment. Doc's doing good. I talk to him regularly, we're just not blogging right now. I miss it, but life can really get in the way of fun.

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