Wednesday, March 27, 2013

RKives Will Get You There

by Jay Allbritton
I may or may not have been the recipient of an early copy of @RiloKiley 's RKives collection which is out on Tuesday. I will stipulate that I have purchased said collection via Amazon and advise all of you to do the same, for it is magnificent. Or, even better, get it directly from the band's label, which is run by the band's bass player Pierre.

I was quite pleased that the band retweeted my answer to the question which is my favorite jam. This is one of them. I couldn't chose just one. The record is stacked.

Here's my short gushing fanboy review: The first section is mostly songs that have not been heard by the superfans. The second part is mostly songs that were released as b-sides. I'm not entirely sure, but some of the mixes sound better or maybe there was some remastering. The songs sequence flows well despite the likely attempt to create a chronological coherence. There's a hidden track that sounds like it comes from the early days of the band. Hopefully the liner notes will shed more light on the process.

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