Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rilo Kiley - Let Me Back In

by Jay Allbritton
A while back Rilo Kiley asked their fans to send in footage for the video for "Let Me Back In". They edited that footage together and made this magical bit of nostalgia.


derek said...

wow, that was fantastic. what a voice. they all look so young in some of those shots. thanks for posting that.

i finally got around to getting the latest jenny + johnny c.d. a couple of weeks ago. i think it came out a year or two ago. of course, it's really, really great. can't wait for the r.k. b-sides or jenny's next record.

also really liked the bon iver and my morning jacket posts. thanks.

a while back ya'll posted some replacements - androgynous, i think. i've been into them and paul westerberg since the late-80's and thought i'd recommend some stuff off the top of my head if you'd like cause i like them so much. paul is an excellent song writer.

unsatisfied, skyway, alex chilton, achin' to be, night club jitters, sadly beautiful, can't hardly wait, red red wine, never mind, i will dare, sixteen blue

paul westerberg:
runaway wind, even here we are, book mark, self-defense, best thing that never happened, born for me

at any rate, thanks again for posting such great stuff and introducing me to great music + everything else.

Jay Allbritton said...

Hey Derek! Nice to hear from you. I love that Replacements song. My friend, who is a fantastic musician, used to play that one for me in his living room jam sessions. It took me a long time to track down the original and I have been a Replacements fan ever since (about five years).

The RKives record leaked a bit early and I happened to hear it, although I will be buying it on April 2. It rules. As a collection it is right up there with the first 4 RK records.

I'll get some more replacements songs up soon. Catch ya later.

derek said...

thanks, jay. that's a cool story about your friend playing "androgynous". also good news on the RKives record. i'll definitely get it in early april.

in the meantime, i really enjoy all the great stuff you and hector post. i think i've been checking out KTWS for a couple years now and ya'll are really cool. i usually check every day or two.

meanwhile, keep it up with the RK + jenny, beatles, pomplamoose - lauren, nataly + jack. neil finn / crowded house, replacements, fiona, etc. + all the good new stuff you guys post i haven't heard of yet.

have a good one + take it easy.


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