Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nataly Dawn And Lauren O'Connell

by Hector Diego


derek said...

hey guys ! thanks for posting this - ya'll always post great stuff. keep it up.

this is probably my favorite song by lauren. the lyrics and melody for "daylight here" are amazing and so is the video. lyrics + melody are so sorrowfully haunting + full of longing. beautiful. i love the little smile lauren gives right at the very end.

check out lauren's "white noise" -
the lyrics, melody + home-made video for "white noise" are also great. really like the hand claps + foot stomps on the deck. she's a very talented poet + musician. if i was a little younger + lived near san francisco, i'd love to hang out with her. she also has a wicked sense of humor. i've seen her + nataly play on-line concerts on

also nataly + lauren's band, "my terrible friend" have some amazing originals + covers - like tom wait's "diamonds + gold". they're out on tour right now as a matter of fact.

and if you haven't heard of these guys already, i highly recommend checking out nataly's band with jack conte called "pompaloose". incredibly talented and hilarious. their original songs are fantastic as well as their cover songs. especially earth, wind + fire's "september" (with the hungry puppet at the end) + lady gaga's "telephone". nataly + jack are friggin' hilarious.

love lauren, natatly + jack.
thanks for posting the daylight here.

Jay Allbritton said...

Dr. Diego and I are big fans of all of Nataly and co.'s work. We have and will continue to post her stuff. I love the Pomplemoose stuff the most because I'm way into goofy covers that are actually quite well done, and that is their thing.


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