Friday, December 07, 2012

Glen Hansard - This Gift (Brooklyn Youth Chorus)

by Jay Allbritton
My friends in South Florida saw this guy open for Eddie Vedder last week and they all like him a lot, so I'm investigating. This initial offering is quite promising. 


derek said...

glen hansard is really great. the stuff he did with marketa irglova is even better. check out the songs "falling slowly" and "when your mind's made up" from the soundtrack for the film "once." falling slowly won an academy award.

their voices go great together as well as his acoustic guitar and her piano. you can also check them out as their short-lived band "the swell season".

i also really recommend the film they were in called "once". top-rate stuff. ---- peace.

Jay Allbritton said...

Thanks Derek. I'll look into all that. Good to hear from you.

derek said...

oh yeah, one other thing. if you decide to check out the film "once", i recommend you might want to turn on the sub-titles cause glen's irish accent is a little strong and marketa's czech accent is a little heavy. excellent film though. stand out tracks:

falling slowly
when you're mind's made up
all the way down

also, their record "strict joy" is really good too, recorded under the name of their band "the swell season".

keep up the good work work you guys. i've really enjoyed your post, especially "the year of john lennon".


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