Friday, December 21, 2012

Elliott Smith - Waltz #2

by Jay Allbritton
Live on Jools Holland, 1999.


derek said...

brilliant song + lyrics. brilliant performance.
brilliant artist.

also, the fiona post. never heard that one before. really great. her latest record, 'the idler wheel', is really good too. favorite fiona record is still 'tidal', the first one. fiona's 'never is a promise' is right up there with rilo's 'does he love you'. powerful compositions.

also the joy division posts took me back. i discovered them backwards by first listening to 'new order' and then going back in time to 'joy division'. digging out some old vinyl and c.d.'s.

ya'll have a good one. peace

Jay Allbritton said...

Hey Derek! Been too busy to check comments, so I just got to this one. Hope you're doing well buddy. Happy new Year.


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