Monday, October 01, 2012

Election Year Cannabis Nonsense

by Hector Diego
Romney says that if elected, he would fight the legalization of marijuana "tooth and nail."

Here is the President's statement on the issue.

Both men talk nonsense on this issue, but Romney's views are far worse, probably because they reflect his real opinion. Marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs, etc. One might wonder what the gateway drug for marijuana is...alcohol, perhaps? Obama says nothing about gateway drugs, and he wants to treat it as a public health issue instead of a criminal issue. OK, that's fine, but then he starts talking about drug treatment programs, and creating less demand. I was hoping the interviewer would say something like, "Why is less demand important?" Well, it must be intimidating to be sitting across from the POTUS.

It is true that Obama's administration has hassled marijuana dispensaries even more than the Bush administration ever did, and far more than you would think he would have to go to convince the guns and religion people to vote for him, who haven't been talking a whole lot about legalizing marijuana. Far more. It's not a big issue with them either way! So what is up with that?

However, if cannabis laws are important to you as a voter, which one are you going to pick? The tooth and nail guy, or the black guy who got elected President, and now, for those undecideds who just don't get it, he feels he must appear to be "more French than the King"?

I'm taking the black guy.

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