Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DeadMau5 - Raise Your Weapon

by Hector Diego

The song features vocalist Greta Svabo Bech.

The Ballad Of John And Yoko

by Hector Diego

We are continuing The Year of John Lennon for 2012--money back guarantee that the world will not end.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Obama Sings

by Hector Diego
If you haven't heard Obama singing, you must.

Good Morning Good Morning

by Hector Diego

A guy realizes that he is ordinary in every way. Although he has nothing to say in his defense, he thinks it's OK. That is what I think this song is about.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miracles of Modern Science--Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People cover)

by Jay Allbritton
Diabolically good cover of FtP's new classic. They whistle. There's this hard-core break for no other reason than to make me spit water through my nose. These guys are geniuses. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Undefined--So What'cha Want (Beastie Boys cover)

by Jay Allbritton
Digging this Studio Brussels YouTube channel I have stumbled upon. 

Hey Bulldog

by Hector Diego
We are continuing with The Year of John Lennon at The Walrus Speaks.

Washington State To Vote On Cannabis

by Hector Diego

The Pacific Northwest state is close to legalizing recreational cannabis. What else are you supposed to do on all those rainy days? Read the article. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tori Amos--Honey

by Jay Allbritton
This is a brilliant performance of another great song that Amos left off her albums. There's a bit of a strained conversation about Letterman and Leno at the beginning of the clip that you can bypass by jumping to the 1:29 mark.

Rilo Kiley--The Good That Won't Come Out

by Jay Allbritton

You say I choose sadness
That it never once has chosen me
Maybe you're right
The Good That Won't Come Out by Rilo Kiley on Grooveshark

Rock And Roll Music

by Hector Diego

I have taken the spiritual advice of Frank Turner, and now, turning to the Church of John Lennon, let's have some more rock and roll.

Frank Turner - I Still Believe

by Hector Diego

The guy is saying that rock and roll will save the world, save souls. I could think of crazier ideas...

Thursday, January 26, 2012


by Jay Allbritton
 S-K live on Henry Rollins's TV program.

Tori Amos--Spark

by Jay Allbritton
Tori recently spoke to NPR about her new album, Night of Hunters.

This is the music video for Spark from her amazing 1998 album From the Choirgirl Hotel

Plastic Ono Band - Cold Turkey

by Hector Diego

I never understood how great this song was in my youth. I couldn't relate to John Lennon's heroin addiction. But now, forty years later, I do understand what it means to not get enough sleep. I don't use heroin, thank God (and Goddess).

Sarah Winters--S & M (Rihanna Cover)

by Jay Allbritton
Sarah Winters has a covers EP available through Bandcamp (h/t Cover Me).

Rolo Tomassi--I Love Turbulence

by Jay Allbritton
I assume the name of this magical screamo-melodic band is a reference to a line uttered by Kevin Spacey's character at a key juncture in the film L.A. Confidential. At any rate, I dig the sound of these crazy kids. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tori Amos--China

by Jay Allbritton
I started posting all these Tori clips because I wanted Hector Diego to get a feel for the depth of Amos's catalog, especially her early years. What I did not expect was that doing so would trigger a Tori avalanche in my brain. I can not get enough of this. I'm sure it will end soon, but as of now, it's 1993 all over again and there's no end in sight. Not when i keep finding gems like this performance of China with a couple of professional vocalists on background. 

Tori Amos--The Wrong Band

by Jay Allbritton
"Instead of just leavin'...She said it's time I open my eyes...Don't be afraid to open your eyes...
Maybe she's right."

Feist--Inside and Out

by Jay Allbritton
She ain't no vision. She's the girl who loves you inside and out.

Caroline Smith--Denim Boy

by Jay Allbritton
Soulful solo rendition in a doorway.

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

by Hector Diego

Great vocals by Lennon.


by Hector Diego

It's the entire film, brought to you with love by The Walrus Speaks. 2012 cannot be the end of the world so long as we are playing the Beatles! So make some popcorn, put your arm around your dearly beloved, and hang out in Beatle land for one hour and thirty one minutes.

Slaughterhouse River Of Blood

by Hector Diego

You can see a river of blood from a slaughterhouse, on the left. Slaughterhouses are highly regulated factories, but quite typically the regulations are not followed, and enforcement of these regulations is lax, particularly the regulations regarding humanitarian slaughtering procedures. Therefore, to save time and money, and quite often just to be cruel, humanitarian slaughtering procedures put in place by well meaning legislators are routinely ignored.

Take a good look. This is where your Big Mac or Sad Meal comes from.

Fiona Apple--Paper Bag

by Jay Allbritton
Word on the street is that a new Fiona Apple record is imminent. Only been 6 years. Bring it on.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tori Amos--Caught a Lite Sneeze

by Jay Allbritton
I've seen Tori live five times, which is more than just about any other musician I don't know personally. Only twice, of those five times, did she play with a band. I love her both ways, but the band adds another dimension. And it does stop the audience from drowning her out by singing too loud or screaming out in the middle of a quiet moment in a song. She knows you love her. Keep it to yourself.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

by Hector Diego

Great lyrics, and very moody. John Lennon got the idea for this song, as was common for him, by watching television.

First Aid Kit--Emmylou

by Jay Allbritton
The new Mogis-produced album from Swedish sister act First Aid Kit dropped today. It's called The Lion's Roar, and it's va nice slice of soothing harmonious goodness. 

Here is NME's review.

This song is on it:

Moody Blues - Departure/Ride My See-Saw

by Hector Diego

Uplifting music for a gray morning in North Florida.

Internet Forever--Break Bones

by Jay Allbritton
On their twitter page, this band calls themselves a pop band for the twenty twenties, so they certainly have a plan. I think they may be a pop band for far sooner than that.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wild Flag - Endless Talk

by Hector Diego

Hey, you're a little bit ruthless
Claws out and wild
You wore me down to toothless
So gummy and mild

Elliott Smith--Waltz #2 (XO)

by Jay Allbritton
"I'm doing just fine hour to hour, note to note..."

The Year Of John Lennon - Please Mr. Postman

by Hector Diego

Lennon's vocals in "Please Mr. Postman" are so classic. Have a Happy 2012, from The Walrus Speaks!

Tori Amos--Caught A Lite Sneeze

by Jay Allbritton
The line "made my own pretty hate machine" is a reference to the debut Nine Inch Nails album Pretty Hate Machine.

St. Vincent--Creul

by Jay Allbritton
The brilliant Annie Clark performing live at KCRW last fall.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stevie Nicks - Landslide

by Hector Diego

It's a live radio performance. Exquisite.

Come Together

by Hector Diego

"Come Together" is so very, very John Lennon.

Florence And The Machine - Rabbit Heart

by Hector Diego

Great vocals.


by Jay Allbritton
"How do you do it?"

Tori Amos - Crucify

by Hector Diego

We crucify ourselves. Why do we do that?

Tori Amos--Song for Eric

by Jay Allbritton
Some of Amos's finest moments are from the songs that are not on her records. This is one of those.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

John Lennon - Working Class Hero

by Hector Diego

It's day 21 of The Year of John Lennon at The Walrus Speaks.

Sleater-Kinney - Little Babies

by Hector Diego

Why do I like this song? Because it is good, hot, rock and roll.

Tori Amos--Hey Jupiter

by Jay Allbritton
This is actually a re-mix of the original, but I like this version better. 

Rilo Kiley Cover - Does He Love You?

by Hector Diego

Someone by the name of bdamiano12 recorded this. Outstanding.

Los Campesinos!--By Your Hand

by Jay Allbritton
It is so validating when the obscure bands I become obsessed with show up in the mainstream. Nice exchange with Letterman at the end too. Kind of a shame that this didn't happen two albums ago. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tori Amos--Leather

by Jay Allbritton
At the beginning of this clip, Amos explains that when she played this song for someone in the recording industry he told her that if she played this song, she wouldn't have a career. Wrong!

Etta James, 1938 - 2012

by Hector Diego

Her heart was wrapped up in clover...

Etta James--Feelin' Good (Six Feet Under Promo)

by Jay Allbritton
Farewell Etta James.

This is the iconic promo from the final season of the show Six Feet Under that makes wonderful use of her classic "Feelin' Good". 

Bruce Springsteen--We Take Care Of Our Own

by Jay Allbritton
Cribbing a bit from "Born in the USA" this political anthem about economic injustice hides in plain sight, thinly disguised as a jingoistic jingle. Like "Born in the USA," the chorus is ripe for the Republican National Convention, but the verses tell the tale.

The Year Of John Lennon - Give Peace A Chance

by Hector Diego

Everybody's talking about...

Tori Amos - God

by Hector Diego

The Station Agent posted this song a day or two ago, but it was not the full version. This song is too great not to hear in full. And yes, I believe God does need a woman to look after him...that would be Goddess.

Caroline Smith Duo--Eagle's Nest, Calliope

by Jay Allbritton
Caroline Smith and Jesse Schuster perform the songs "Eagle's Nest" and "Calliope" inside a former orphanage in Duluth, Minnesota in November of 2010, during a snow storm.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kimya Dawson--Anthrax

by Jay Allbritton
Kimya Dawson performing live at Sidewalk Cafe in NYC on Dec 26, 2001.

Tori Amos--God

by Jay Allbritton
"Do you need a woman to look after you?"

Tori Amos--Silent All These Years

by Jay Allbritton
According to Amos, she wrote this song with the intention of submitting it to Al Stewart. Thankfully, her producer talked her out of it and it went on to become the centerpiece of her first album. 

Rilo Kiley--Capturing Moods

by Jay Allbritton
Pretty solid camera work for being about twelve or so rows back.  From Toronto, on May 28, 2008.


by Hector Diego

2012 cannot be the end of the world so long as we are playing John Lennon and the Beatles. 2012 is The Year of John Lennon!

Johnny Horton - The Battle Of New Orleans

by Hector Diego

Horton had a string of hits with historical themes. Quite a corker, that guy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Johnny Horton - North To Alaska

by Hector Diego

I dedicate this song to my brother Otis, who has lived in Alaska for three decades or so.

Faith No More--Falling to Pieces

by Jay Allbritton

Indecision clouds my vision, No one listens...
Because I'm somewhere in between
my love and my agony,
You see, I'm somewhere in between...
My life is falling to pieces
Somebody put me together!

Falling to Pieces by Faith No More on Grooveshark

Tori Amos--Cornflake Girl

by Jay Allbritton
"You bet your life it is..."

Nerina Pallot--Sophia

by Jay Allbritton
Live at the BBC, circa 2006. Very good stuff.

The Mountain Goats--Going to Georgia

by Jay Allbritton

John Darnielle wields bitterness so well in all of his songs, but he wields it especially well in this road song. 

The Comedy Of John Lennon

by Hector Diego

This has cheered me up this morning, so I thought I would share it.

Neil Young Covers Imagine

by Hector Diego

Neil, Neil, how we love you...and John.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Sledding Crow

by Hector Diego

A crow sleds down a roof in Russia.

The Year Of John Lennon - Strawberry Fields

by Hector Diego

The world cannot end in 2012 if we continue to play John Lennon and the Beatles.

Ringo Starr - Wings

by Hector Diego

From his new album Ringo 2012, featuring Joe Walsh.

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps--Young Turks

by Jay Allbritton
Nice reclamation of this Rod Stewart tune I never liked until now. Very excited about Caroline Smith.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Leonard Cohen - Show Me The Place

by Hector Diego

This is not lighthearted music.

Public Enemy - Fight The Power

by Hector Diego

My wife, Kim, dedicates this song to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King on his birthday. The King is dead, long live the King.

Okay, One More Time With This Gotye Song

by Jay Allbritton
A clever youtuber aligned Walk Off the Earth's cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know" with Gotye's original and it lines up perfectly.  As if playing it all on one guitar wasn't difficult enough, they nailed the tempo.

John Lennon - Crippled Inside

by Hector Diego

One thing you can't hide, is when you're crippled inside. Ain't that the truth!

Telekinesis - Country Lane

by Hector Diego

Not bad at all.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Elected--Greetings in Braille

by Jay Allbritton

...so now that you finally failed
just like you said you would, down to the last detail.
Well if living's such hell,
here's to your dying days.
You won't have to be afraid.
And the heroes you met were just fiction,
yeah, with high expectations.
And your friends grew up faster than you got successful,
told you to keep it up.
Good comes to those who work.
And the stories they told you were true, babe.
Your mom really went crazy.
But that doesn't have to be you. No.
And I miss Tara and Melissa, Allen and John.
And you'll never have friends like you did when you were young.
But our bodies were pulled away and swept out to the sea
And I'd call and say hi if I thought you'd remember me
cause somethings are worth leaving old memories for...

Greetings in Braille by The Elected on Grooveshark

Caroline Smith--She Ain't Got It

by Jay Allbritton
Live at 89.3 The Current.

Smoosh--We Are Our Own Lies

by Jay Allbritton
These youngins are going to do some big things sooner than later.

Charli XCX--Stay Away

by Jay Allbritton
I think I like songs that sound like this more than I actually like this song.

Wild Flag, Patti Smith - Ask The Angels

by Hector Diego

I guess we should have the original version as well.

Wild Flag Live - Future Crimes

by Hector Diego

This is the best live version I have heard. I like the echo bit at the end. Philadelphia 3/16/11.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tim Tebow and David Bowie as One--Tebowie!

by Jay Allbritton
Clever little bit from Fallon. Good luck to the Broncos tonight against the dreaded Patriots. Sadly I don't see Timmy pulling this one off.

Rilo Kiley - All The Good That Won't Come Out

by Hector Diego

                                  Ms. Jennifer Diane Lewis of Rilo Kiley

We are still mourning the break up of Rilo Kiley here at The Walrus Speaks, for an entire year. "All The Good That Won't Come Out" is the first Rilo Kiley song that the Station Agent had me listen to, and I was instantly hooked.

The Good That Won't Come Out by Rilo Kiley on Grooveshark

Nerina Pallot--Real Late Starter

by Jay Allbritton
I too am off to a late start today...

Loma Linda Wants No Sad Meals

by Hector Diego

That's right, folks. The health conscious, vegetarian people of Seventh Day Adventist Southern California community Loma Linda are outraged that McDonalds is trying to bring Sad Meals to their fair city. As a vegetarian since 1974, I must concur. I do agree that vegetarianism, like any moral issue (and I do consider it a moral issue), cannot be legislated, but if the citizens of Loma Linda manage to ban the stupid golden arches, I will be very pleased.

Read the article.

Hear the music.

I decided not to post "Free Me" with images of animals being abused. I can't take it this morning. How about you? Does knowing how your meat is produced bother you, or not? Are you hiding from yourself?

The Corin Tucker Band--It's Always Summer

by Jay Allbritton
We've been playing a lot of former Sleatter-Kinney members Carrie Brownstien and Janet Weiss's new band, Wild Flag. So, in the interest of fairness, here's a peek at what the other member of S-K, Corin Tucker, has been up to.

Saturday Play--Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know"

by Jay Allbritton
David Allun Jones has an excellent review of Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know" (via Jonk Music). Between the original and Walk Off the Earth's cover of it (5-person guitar-style, no less) I am positively obsessed with this song.

I whole heartedly agree with Jones that guest vocalist Kimbra's contribution to the song takes it to another level. Jones writes:
Once featured guest (and MM fave) Kimbra arrives on the half-way mark to help fill in between the lines in the role of the new ex-girlfriend though, “Somebody That I Used To Know” is elevated to a whole new plateau of awesomeness, her steely cut-down of his behavior in their own relationship providing one of the most fantastic “wait…what?” musical moments in recent memory in it’s jaw-dropping verse-ending reveal (“You said that you could let it go/ And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know!!!”) that brilliantly shifts the target of all his succeeding hook agitation towards her.
The album isn't even available in the states until January 31.

Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye on Grooveshark
Here's Gotye's performance of the song at LA public radio station KCRW.

Helium - Lullaby Of The Moths

by Hector Diego

Beautiful. Moody.

John Lennon - Oh Yoko

by Hector Diego

This is totally classic.

Marijuana Policy Project 2011 List

by Hector Diego

You can read the Huffington Post article here. 

1.  Congress de-funds the White House drug czar’s ad campaign.

2.  Our ideal bill is finally introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives -- a bill that would let states determine their own marijuana policies without federal interference.

3.  Public support for “making marijuana legal” reaches an all-time high of 50%.

4.  Delaware legalizes medical marijuana.

5.  Maryland and Vermont improve their medical marijuana laws.

6.  Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, and D.C. implement/expand their medical marijuana laws.

7.  Arkansas and Connecticut lower their penalties for marijuana possession.

8.  World leaders reject the drug war and advocate marijuana decriminalization via the “Global Commission on Drug Policy.”

9.  Ron Paul shakes up the political debate by relentlessly criticizing the drug war during his presidential campaign.

10.  Governors ask the federal government to reschedule marijuana.

Friday, January 13, 2012

John Lennon - God

by Hector Diego

Today is day 13 of The Year of John Lennon here at The Walrus Speaks.

Jimmy Fallon Does Tebow And Bowie

by Hector Diego

Station Agent, it just keeps spinning out of control.

Mazzy Star--Fade Into You

by Jay Allbritton
The reunited Mazzy Star will be one of many 90s acts doing it live at Coachella.

Liz Phair--Supernova

by Jay Allbritton
Live on Letterman.

Wild Flag--Future Crimes

by Jay Allbritton
“If you're gonna be a restless soul/ Then you're gonna be so, so tired."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wild Flag - Judy Is A Punk

by Hector Diego

I don't know Jack about punk, but this here is good hot rock and roll.

Helium - Wanna Be A Vampire Too, Baby

by Hector Diego

I'm not much into vampires, but I'll make an exception for Mary Timony.

Suzanne Vega - Pornographer's Dream

by Hector Diego

Suzanne meets the girl from Ipanema.

An Atheist Defense Of Tim Tebow

by Hector Diego
                  American Atheists President Dave Silverman Tebowing

A prominent atheist says that all this God hoo-ha detracts from Tebow's real worth as a football player, and I have to agree. The man has guts.

I like the way Silverman has added Rodin's "The Thinker" to Tebow's pose.

Read the article.

The Year Of John Lennon - Mother

by Hector Diego

Here is the studio version.

I couldn't resist posting this live version. Be sure to listen. Lennon's brief soliloquy is the God awful truth, isn't it?

Wild Flag--Short Version

by Jay Allbritton
I'm continuing to catch up on the path of fire blazed by WF last year in support of their debut. Carrie Brownstein recently said that she would like to see the band put out a new record in the Fall.

Mary Timony - I Fire Myself

by Hector Diego

As I am exploring the musical history of Mary Timony, I am discovering a lot of great stuff.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tegan and Sara--The Ocean

by Jay Allbritton
Doing it the way they do it best--acoustic. 

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps--Tying My Shoes

by Jay Allbritton
Minneapolis, Minnesota's very own. 

John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth

by Hector Diego

Paranoid prima donnas. These are great lyrics!

Adele - Someone Like You

by Hector Diego

A stellar voice.

Del Shannon - I Go To Pieces

by Hector Diego

Del Shannon was one of the biggest composers of the 1960s.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Walk off the Earth--Somebody That I Used to Know

by Jay Allbritton
Okay, this blew me away. Not only is it a top-notch cover of a song I'm in love with--Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know"--but this band covering it does so on ONE GUITAR!

Wild Flag--Black Tiles

by Jay Allbritton
As of right now, their album can be downloaded from Amazon for the paltry sum of $5.00.

Wild Flag--Beast of Burden

by Jay Allbritton
Wild Flag's take on the Stones' "Beast of Burden" from Philly.

Pomplamoose - Mr. Sandman

by Hector Diego

This is a cover of the famous classic by the Chordettes, 1940s. And we get to see the beautiful face of Natalie Dawn.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Juliana Richer - Silver Lining

by Hector Diego

Richer covers Jenny Lewis' classic Rilo Kiley composition. I believe this youngster is a strong contender in our TWS Talent Competition.

Wild Flag--Short Version

by Jay Allbritton
One of the best new bands of last year took their act to Jimmy Fallon's program.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Year Of John Lennon - Nowhere Man

by Hector Diego

 A bit like you and me? Whatever was Lennon talking about?

Wild Flag - Romance

by Hector Diego

My new favorite band, as well.

Rilo Kiley--The Execution of All Things

by Jay Allbritton
Happy birthday to Jenny Lewis who turns 36 today. Here's a look back at her early days with Rilo Kiley.

The Year Of John Lennon - Working Class Hero

by Hector Diego

Beware, Blue Meanies. Lennon is coming after you.

Helium - Skeleton

by Hector Diego

Much of Mary Timony's work is strange, and I like strange.

MC Yogi - Om Namah Shivaya

by Hector Diego

Om Shivaya namah.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Royal Ice Cream Covers "Video Games"

by Hector Diego

This young woman performing the Lana Del Rey hit "Video Games" is a strong contender in The Walrus Speaks' Talent Competition, wouldn't you say Station Agent?

Amy LaVere - Damn Love Song

by Hector Diego

A female lead singer playing an upright bass. You gotta dig it.

Wild Flag - Future Crimes

by Hector Diego

The Station Agent got me into Wild Flag, and I have a feeling I will never get out.

In My Life

by Hector Diego

Continuing with The Year Of John Lennon here at The Walrus Speaks.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Lana Del Rey - Axl Rose Husband

by Hector Diego


More Jon Stewart On The GOP In Iowa

by Hector Diego

How about Stuart for Comedian in Chief?

Raw Cannabis A Wonder Food

by Hector Diego

The DEA and the White House do not want you to know the truth about cannabis. In this video, you will learn about cannabis not as a recreational substance or even as a medicine. Instead, it is a dietary food that should be eaten raw for maximal health.

Kimbra - Two Way Street

by Hector Diego

Kimbra, Lana Del Rey, Adelle, etc., there is much good music from female artists these days.

Marvin Gaye--Inner City Blues

by Jay Allbritton
More true now than ever. "Turn off the nuclear juice!"

2012 Year Of John Lennon - Oh My Love

by Hector Diego

Love conquers all. It just might take awhile.

Stewart Comments On The Iowa GOP Race

by Hector Diego

You gotta love this guy.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

2012 The Year Of John Lennon - Woman

by Hector Diego

Some people say the world is going to end in 2012. Not while we are playing John Lennon, it isn't! So keep it right here--www.thewalrusspeaks.blogspot.com on your cyber radio dial!

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

by Hector Diego

I just discovered Lana Del Rey. I'm almost 56, what do I know.

Krishna Trance

by Hector Diego

More Goa trance.

Shiva Trance

by Hector Diego

I suppose this is psychedelic or Goa, trance. I'm not much into the genre, but I like the message.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wild Flag - Electric Band

by Hector Diego

The Station Agent has introduced me to some mind blowing music. And now Wild Flag-Mary Timony, Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss, and Rebecca Cole. They are Goddess Awesome great!

Wild Flag at SXSW

by Jay Allbritton
Thanks to NPR for this wonderful treat.

The Black Keys--Howlin' For You

by Jay Allbritton
The critics' darlings do it live.

Rock On Hanuman

by Hector Diego

Lord Hanuman is the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. Therefore, we are devoted to Lord Hanuman.

Rock On Hanuman (feat. Krishna Das) by MC Yogi on Grooveshark

Stones - Street Fighting Man

by Hector Diego

Charlie, far left, is by far the cutest. Or is that Brian?

Street Fighting Man by The Rolling Stones on Grooveshark

Stones - Sweet Neo Con

by Hector Diego

There is that dumb ass tongue again. But from "Street Fighting Man" to "Sweet Neo Con", the Stones have come a long way, politically.

Sweet Neo Con by The Rolling Stones on Grooveshark

Rock And Roll Music

by Hector Diego

For all the Beatles' innovations, Lennon always insisted that none of it was better than good old rock and roll music, his first and greatest musical love. Continuing with our Year Of John Lennon, let's listen in.

Elvis Presley - Long Tall Sally

by Hector Diego

Everything that Uncle John needs? We're running a family blog here, so we won't comment on that.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Crowded House - Weather With You

by Hector Diego

Cute little guitar riff.

Phish - I Am The Walrus

by Hector Diego

Derek turned me on to this cover of the Beatles' "I Am The Walrus." I couldn't access the link he sent, but this version is great. Thanks, good buddy.

Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining

by Hector Diego

Jenny Lewis was always gold, actually.

Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley on Grooveshark

The Elected--Time is Coming

by Jay Allbritton
I was excited to see The Elected were featured on this week's episode of the CBS show How I Met Your Mother.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Teen Interviews Lennon In 1969

by Hector Diego

You have GOT to hear this. A kid sneaked into Lennon's hotel room in Toronto. Lennon was game, and the interview is totally fascinating. The kid says dumb things, but Lennon does not take offence or correct him. Instead, he takes the opportunity to give us Lennonisms that will always endure, such as, "We're all Hitler inside, and we're all Christ inside."


John Lennon - Watching The Wheels

by Hector Diego

This acoustic demo gives me the chills.

Here is the studio hit.

Keep it here--www.thewalrusspeaks.blogspot.com--on your cyber radio dial, for The Year of John Lennon. Walrus Radio will not allow 2012 to end the world.

Cry Baby Cry

by Hector Diego

One critic wrote that all of Lennon's melodies have the sophistication of "Row Your Boat." Be that as it may, "Row Your Boat" is a classic that will be sung a thousand years from now. And so will Lennon's compositions.

John Lennon - Out The Blue

by Hector Diego

This is one of Lennon's songs that never got released, and I think we can all understand why. However, this song does have potential, and I wish Lennon had not given up on it.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

John Lennon - Stand By Me

by Hector Diego

A good friend is worth more than gold.

Lennon Peace Memorial Of Light In Iceland

by Hector Diego

Yoko Ono built this memorial to St. John, which was inaugurated in 2006. It's called the Imagine Peace Tower.

2012 - The Year Of John Lennon

by Hector Diego

That's right all you folks out there in cyberland. The Walrus Speaks has declared 2012 the year of John Lennon! I heard that the Blue Meanies had reverted to their pre-Yellow Submarine status, and aim to END THE WORLD in 2012 WITH DISCO. But Walrus Radio will not let that happen! We are the anti-disco cyber radio station. So keep it right there on your cyber radio dial--

www.thewalrusspeaks.blogspot.com for an entire year of John Lennon!

Michael Cassidy - Ohe Vaishnava Thakura

by Hector Diego

Happy New Year from New Raman Reti, Alachua, Florida.


Antique walrus print courtesy of FineRarePrints.Com