Thursday, May 15, 2008

Christ Family, Trust In The Lord

by Hector Diego

The Christ Family is not your average Christian group meeting once or twice a week for Bible study. They are led by a wild dude named Lightning Amen, headquartered out in Hemet, California. In 2004 I did my first offical ethnographical work as a university researcher by interviewing Amen and his merry band of vegan and reincarnation-believing Christ Brothers (and Sisters). They all have Christ as their last name, so that there is Gary Christ, Mary Christ, etc. I was attracted to this group because they would never eat an animal. I figured, at the very least they are right on that one.

Amen is an impressive speaker. He rambles all over the place, but his words have been known to move people to change their lives.

The Christ Family is a cult, and by cult I mean nothing negative. A religious cult is simply a religious group with ideas and values that contradict the norms of society. This is why I love cults.

Gary Christ, if you ever read this, please leave a comment. In the wind, brother.


Jane said...

Brother Gary has just returned to the wind. He was here for several weeks. Always a blessing, living the life that Jesus taught his disciples, to go out two by two taking nothing, living by grace and charity. I met him 12 years before, was mesmerized by his stories then and more clearly now by his example of service and love to his brothers and sisters, wherever he is, living a life of peace and joy. Oh that American Christianity could glimpse the truth of this "walk" in Christ, ( not just another building fund ). I will write Brother Gary and let him know of your blog ( he doesn't have much use for computers, but is an excellent carpenter- building God's kingdom.

Philip said...

hi, over 60 y/o now so mt story stats bsck in summer of 1975, so many wont have que who a am. I and ladt meet Gab, What to MT Shasta to commune with Amen and Michael and many other Family members. When in the wind withe Gab went to east coast to get a few miles on my sore feet. Ended in camp just north of Yuma. Traveled many miles with Amen, Mary and more... More stories goes from Hawaii, ALL america, south to bottom of Mexico and lots of travels through the Islands south of Florida. So If anyone knows me, my e-mail

Hector Diego said...

Wow! Two comments from the Christ Family. You Brothers and Sisters can contact me by email so I can get back to you. Just go to where it says "Email The Walrus Speaks" on the right, below the picture of the walrus, and you will hear from me.

Nena said...

Dear Brother!
peace,the lord amen spirit in me and also in you,
love and respect,
light be with you and also in me,
love had come to show the most perfect light ,only one knows what experiences had been showed and received,the light of the lord will shine forever,in your heart,prepare yourself to be live what is true,,do not despair,walk and trust,in him
his spirit will guide you to his kind om, and his love will cover you,always, and his freedom,forever, Amen,
I love you and always will.
,love is pure and inocent ,kind
,secure the word, LOVE and keep it in your sweet heart,,LOVE
best part of my life,,my Pappa Amen,
, FROM 2005 TILL MARCH,2010.
Rose E,de la Sierra Abbadie

Geronemo said...

I and I I am am I walked with the Lightning Amen in New Mexico late 80' early 90's Most Powerful Experience of my entire existance! Amen Light Amen

Jerry Adams said...

My brother Bartholomew (Barry) traveled with Amen for many years. I myself wore a robe for a short while and I must admit it was quite the trip. I met lightning who went by Jesus at the time in about 72 in Dan Diego at the in-between in ocean beach. Sadly Bartholomew passed in august of 2009,and is sorely missed. I heard Amen passed as well. respond to if you knew Bartholomew. peace in the wind!

Zovall said...
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Zovall said...
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Zovall said...

I have been wanting for so long to hear about the group, and I did look around for long trying to find it on line and Im glad I finally found it (not that I'm ready to "hit the wind") but who knows, I have never been so discontent with my life of so much materialism. One thing has been good thou,the ammount of knowledge I have aquired about this dangerous times.

Jeanne Alkire said...

My daughter was born in August 1984 in Puyallup WA to Renee and Ezekiel Christ. They called her Aurora Seratina Christ. She traveled in a van down the coast…some nuns gave her little knit clothes. She was given to Children's Home Society in Santa Cruz CA in October of that year, and shortly after that I adopted her. We have always wanted to get in touch with anyone in the family who might remember them. I would love to find Renee.

Cassaundra Wendt said...

I have been searching for anyone who might have known Stephen Kemp or Patricia Kemp aka Christ. My brother and I were both born into the family in 81 / 85 respectively and our parents have since passed. If anyone knew them and could share stories I would be truly grateful.


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