Thursday, May 31, 2007

Police Brutality Is Everywhere

by Hector Diego

Click here to see what you can do about police brutality. In these days of computers and instant information, the whole world can see what is going on.

In addition to letting the sun shine upon police operations, we must understand that many times, the police are an oppressed class too. If you don't believe this you aren't thinking about the crap they put up with on a daily basis.

I believe we could largely fix these problems by "throwing money at it." That's what money is for. Who do you think you are going to get for 50 grand a year, Marshal Dillon?

Beatles---We Can Work It Out

by Hector Diego

Yesterday I was talking to a twenty year old I considered to be perfect in every respect--until it was revealed that the youngster doesn't care for the Beatles.

Oh well. You can't have everything.

Ken Kesey and Jerry Garcia Television Interview

by Hector Diego

You gotta see this one.

Gator Donovan Becomes A Magician

by Hector Diego

That's right folks, he's gone. Nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile.

Here's the Dead.

Dylan and Harrison---If Not For You

by Hector Diego

Dylan composed this song, and George recorded it on his All Things Must Pass album.

Fill Her Up--With Air!

by Jay Allbritton
The Man killed off the Electric Car, so what chance do you think the Air Car has?

From EcoGeek.Org (h/t Hector Diego)

The world's first commercial compressed air-powered vehicle is rolling towards the production line. The Air Car, developed by ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre, will be built by India's largest automaker, Tata Motors.

The Air Car uses compressed air to push its engine's pistons. It is anticipated that approximately 6000 Air Cars will be cruising the streets of India by 2008. If the manufacturers have no surprises up their exhaust pipes the car will be practical and reasonably priced. The CityCat model will clock out at 68 mph with a driving range of 125 miles.

Of course, we can't have an "unsafe" vehicle like this on our streets. It could end our dependence on foreign oil, and then who would we fight our wars against? You see how it's bad.

From IST.

Memorial Mile, Gainesville, Florida

by Jay Allbritton
On Memorial Day, Stacy and I drove past the mind-blowing memorial that Gainesville (Florida) Veterans For Peace set up in this video.

It's called "memorial mile".

Last year I lived right around the corner from a mile long stretch of 8th Avenue with no intersections and an unbroken sidewalk. A few years ago someone built amazing statues depicting each of the nine planets and the Sun stretched out to scale over the course of that mile of road. Walking one mile, from the sun to Pluto quickly clarifies these astronomical distances by comparing them to fathomable measurements like the footstep and the mile. Seeing
4,114 headstones (the amount of American war deaths since 9/11) spread out across the solar system, the mile, the footsteps, added chilling context to the cold statistic.

More from The Independent Alligator.

From IST.

Simon And Garfunkel--The Boxer

by Hector Diego

You can never have too much Simon and Garfunkel.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paul Simon---Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard

by Hector Diego

The White Stripes---Seven Nation Army

by Hector Diego

Two From Death Cab For Cutie---Marching Bands Of Manhattan, Soul Meets Body

by Hector Diego

Death Cab for CutieSoul Meets Body


by Hector Diego

Rob Crow and Armistead Burwell Smith IV of Pinback

Rolling Stones---Angie

by Hector Diego

Written by Keith Richards. That's the late Nicky Hopkins on piano.

Tool - Vicarious

by Jay Allbritton
Dark song for dark times. Brilliant video.

Dave Mathews, Jose Feliciano, and the Beatles Anthology---In My Life

by Hector Diego
Here are two excellent covers of "In My Life"--the artists do not copy, they freely interpret--and the Beatles own montage supervised by Paul, George, and Ringo from the early 90's, before the age of YouTube.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Green Day---Wake Me Up When September Ends

by Hector Diego

The Beatles---1963-1970

by Hector Diego

It's a Beatles chronological smorgasbord.

Magical Mystery Tour

by Hector Diego

I was twelve when I first saw ads for Magical
Mystery Tour. And I this the Beatles?

The critics and most of the public in the late 1960's did not care for the Beatles' movie Magical Mystery Tour. Many consider the film to be the Beatles' first and only flop. However, my daughters are fond of it, and one of them even considers it the Beatles' best movie. I should admit she is still rather young...

Who knows what future generations may think of any of the Beatles' projects? Geriatrics like myself routinely name Abbey Road, the White Album, or Sargeant Pepper's as the Beatles greatest album. Gen X folks (are they still being called that?) have made their preference known, statistically--it's Revolver.

"What Goes Around"

by Jay Allbritton
Here's another one for our talent competition. Singing Justin Timberlake's song, "What Goes Around" is popular YouTube singer esmeedenters. Timberlake shows up at the end in a dramatic reveal that would have been cool for you if I had not just ruined it.

Allied Radio - Sell Your Mother a Flag

by Jay Allbritton
This is a montage of images from what we will eventually look back on as the Iraq War Era, very much the way we look back now on the Vietnam Era. I set them to Allied Radio's "Sell Your Mother a Flag". If you want to hear more Allied Radio, they're featured in my right sidebar and at their MySpace page here.

By the way, I wrote the lyrics and these musicians are all from my crew.

The montage was made and the lyrics were written with families of soldiers killed in Iraq in mind. Cindy Sheehan has long embodied that, and it's too bad that she's decided to step away from the anti-war movement, though I share her frustration.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Penny Who Covers I'll Follow The Sun

by Hector Diego

With kids like this, there is hope for the world.

Feist - Inside and Out

by Jay Allbritton
Sublime acoustic rendition of "Inside and Out" from Feist.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Celia: A Mozart Piano Virtuoso In Three Years

by Hector Diego

The kid is amazing.

George Harrison---Blue Jay Way

by Hector Diego

Instant Karma---The Campaign To Save Darfur

by Hector Diego

Early Beatles---Mr. Postman

by Hector Diego

Hamburg Germany, 1961.

I love it when John goes "Mr. Po-wo-wo-wo-wostman."


by Hector Diego

Sounds like a Western devotee of Sri Caitanya, singing in Sanskrit and Bengali.


by Hector Diego

Peter, Bjorn And John---Young Folks

by Hector Diego

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Green Day Plays Lennon Song on American Idol

by Jay Allbritton
Green Day showed up on American Idol this week, just to blow my mind. They played "Working Class Hero".

Green Day, Live In Britain---American Idiot

by Hector Diego

No, we don't want to be American idiots. Some of us don't anyway.

The Last Film Of George Harrison

by Hector Diego

Gone but not forgotten.

New Paul McCartney Song

by Jay Allbritton
"Only Mama Knows".

Thursday, May 24, 2007

David Bowie---Space Oddity (Ground Control to Major Tom)

by Hector Diego



by Hector Diego

Elton John---Tiny Dancer

by Hector Diego

God touched Elton John and said, "Compose!"

And Elton John did.

Revolver Studio Outtake

by Hector Diego

I'll have some of whatever the Beatles had that day, thank you.

A Tribute To Patsy Cline

by Hector Diego

Too much talent went to waste when her plane went down on March 5, 1963. She was thirty years old.

Connie Francis---My Happiness

by Hector Diego

Connie Francis is actually a very strong vocalist, but that is not quite evident in this song.

Connie Stevens---Sixteen Reasons

by Hector Diego

Let's just say that the melody and lyrics are...forgettable. What else can I say, I like her voice.


Margo Guryan - "16 Words"

by Jay Allbritton
President Clinton pointed into the camera and said, "I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." Skip to the end, he got impeached.

During the 2003 State of the Union, Bush claimed, “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” And he's still plugging away, totally not impeached.

Margo Guryan did turn it into a song, though (h/t Shakesville).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beatles Mashup---Within You, Without You and Tomorrow Never Knows

by Hector Diego

Saving Private Ryan

by Hector Diego

Anyone who has seen Saving Private Ryan understands why the old veteran is weeping at the beginning of the film...but not really...not unless you have heard the bullets whizzing past you, into your buddy.

We don't glorify war at The Walrus Speaks. We don't wave the flag and condemn our German brothers.

We only counsel peace.

The Thin Red Line---Main Theme, God U Takem

by Hector Diego

Hans Florian Zimmer, composer.

State of the Industry--Trent Reznor Talks Candidly About Major Labels

by Jay Allbritton

Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) may not be in your top ten favorite musicians anymore, but you can always count on the guy to tell you what he's thinking.

From The Herald Sun (Australia):

Q. It must be an odd time then to have a new album, Year Zero, out?

It's a very odd time to be a musician on a major label, because there's so much resentment towards the record industry that it's hard to position yourself in a place with the fans where you don't look like a greedy asshole. But at the same time, when our record came out I was disappointed at the number of people that actually bought it. If this had been 10 years ago

I would think "Well, not that many people are into it. OK, that kinda sucks. Yeah I could point fingers but the blame would be with me, maybe I'm not relevant". But on this record, I know people have it and I know it's on everybody's iPods, but the climate is such that people don't buy it because it's easier to steal it.

Here's the video from his new album, Year Zero, "Survivalism".

Sergei Rachmaninoff---Concerto For Piano

by Hector Diego

J.S. Bach---Ich folge dir gleichfalls

by Hector Diego

Fiona Apple---Slow Like Honey

by Hector Diego

R.E.M.---Man On The Moon

by Hector Diego

Come Together and other sounds

by Hector Diego

We are on your cyber radio dial--Walrus Radio.

Neil Young---The Needle And The Damage Done

by Hector Diego

This is a live performance from the Johnny Cash Show, 1971. Listen here, you young pups and old dogs. Listen to Neil.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Louis Armstrong---"What A Wonderful World"

by Hector Diego

Good morning America and the world. We are KTWS RADIO broadcasting twenty-four hours a day from America's Deep South. The local time is 12.41 am, and the local weather reads 66 Beatle degrees.


Brewer and Shipley---One Toke Over The Line

by Hector Diego


Grateful Dead---Touch Of Grey

by Hector Diego

Animals---House Of The Rising Sun

by Hector Diego

As time passes, people forget or never knew who sang what--musical historical consciousness disintegrates, and rumors, misnomers, misinformation, etc. wildly proliferates. What has gotten me on this tangent?

I have found that some young folks can't tell the difference between Joan Baez and Janis Joplin (I'm not kidding), some think that "Let it Be" was sung by John Lennon, and "House of the Rising Sun" is attributed to the Rolling Stones (see below).

Oh least they know good music when they hear it.

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If anyone is interested in the history of this song, and the original lyrics, you are in luck. "The earliest recorded version was by Clarence "Tom" Ashley in 1932, as "Rising Sun Blues" and in 1934, as "Rounder's Luck" by the Callahan Brothers."

Paul McCartney---Too Many People

by Hector Diego

To a certain extent, too many depends on whether they love one another or not.

The Fabs---"She's A Woman"

by Hector Diego

Departing from Heathrow, 1965.

In Milan, 1965.

In Japan, 1966.

Shea Stadium, 1965.

Studio outtakes of "She's A Woman". Yes she is.

Sitar Music

by Hector Diego

If anyone can tell me the artist's name, please do.

Green Day---Time Of Your Life

by Hector Diego

I've become a great admirer of Green Day. What can I say--they're melodic...they automatically get an A+.

Pearl Jam Cover the Who

by Jay Allbritton

When Fox Cartoons Attack... Fox!

by Jay Allbritton
Yesterday, I posted a clip from Fox Network's The Family Guy, which imagined a world with Al Gore as a highly successful President (think flying cars). I love it when Family Guy does this because it really has to piss Rupert Murdoch off that he paid them to work against his beloved neoconservative agenda.

Well, The Simpsons also took a couple of stabs directly at Fox.

Homer and Lisa's voices strangely change just as they're about to expose the horrible truth about Fox. Odd.

Homer hates liberals SO MUCH.

Homer refuses to live under the same roof as a member of the liberal media.

By the way something, Fox News gave Michael Moore's new movie a big thumbs up.

From IST.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Jackie DeShannon---What The World Needs Now

by Hector Diego

God or plate tectonics will give us another mountain, but love?

That's up to us.

The Who---You Better You Bet

by Hector Diego


Cream---White Room

by Hector Diego


Beatles---In My Life

by Hector Diego

Music Explosion---Little Bit O' Soul

by Hector Diego

Sometimes we have to post a meaningless video just to get the music.

The Standells---Dirty Water

by Hector Diego


"I'm standing at the altar as they play the wedding march..."

by Jay Allbritton
Living Colour wrote a few really good songs in their day. This is perhaps the best of the bunch, "Love Rears Its Ugly Head".

Same song, live on European TV.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Melanie---I Don't Eat Animals

by Hector Diego

Introducing--The Honeytrap

by Jay Allbritton
I'm part of the film production company Palingenesia. If you're in the Los Angeles area, our movie, The Honeytrap, premiers May 27. It's a very low budget, 59-minute spy movie. I'm co-producer and music director. It's directed, written, produced and edited by fellow TWS contributor Seamus O'Rourke. His guitar playing is also featured prominently. We're very proud of it, and look forward to sharing it with as many people as possible.

Here's our pitch, from the website:
A Palingenesia Films Production

Los Angeles.

An underworld of fast friends, mixed loyalties, and secret agendas.

Staying alive means staying silent.

Enter Shady Grove.

Hidden in plain sight. Trained to deceive, seduce, trap and kill.

In a dark game where love is out of play.

Green Day---Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

by Hector Diego

The Provocative John Lennon

by Hector Diego
I have always been sure (from the day I bought his first studio album in 1970) that Lennon still believed in Buddha, yoga, mantra, etc. very much. But even you believers must admit that even if Lennon were to be taken literally in his song, it does have a certain potency, does it not?

I think Lennon's point was that you had to get straight with yourself first. And as a matter of historical fact, Lennon got even deeper into metaphysical stuff after this recording. Of course, it would all get the Lennon spin. He didn't like these things straight from the bottle, so to speak.

Here is an unreleased version of "God". Notice, Lennon is not telling you what you should believe. But he was known as a provocative man, someone who challenged people to think critically about everything, including their most cherished beliefs. Why not?

Here is the album version. At the end Lennon talks about dying as getting out of one car and going into another. That doesn't sound like disbelief in an afterlife to me. Why did he believe in an afterlife?

You tell me.

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Did Exploding Comet Wipe Out Early Man?

by Jay Allbritton
From The Guardian:
Scientists will outline dramatic evidence this week that suggests a comet exploded over the Earth nearly 13,000 years ago, creating a hail of fireballs that set fire to most of the northern hemisphere.

Primitive Stone Age cultures were destroyed and populations of mammoths and other large land animals, such as the mastodon, were wiped out. The blast also caused a major bout of climatic cooling that lasted 1,000 years and seriously disrupted the development of the early human civilisations that were emerging in Europe and Asia.

Wait a minute! 13,000 years ago? We all know earth is only 6,000 years old!

Elvis Costello---Almost Blue, Watching The Detectives

by Hector Diego

Here's a couple of Elvis Costello songs for my good friend, Mimi Pond. We are KTWS your cyber radio dial.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Joan Baez---Sweet Sir Galahad

by Hector Diego

This is the third time that I am posting Joan Baez at Woodstock, performing "Sweet Sir Galahad"...I like it that much. Oh, that voice.

Happy Birthday, Sgt. Pepper

by Jay Allbritton
It was 40 years ago today!

It still has an impact, watch as Paul McCartney joins U2 during Live 8.

Why God Gave Me Two Hands (But We Still Can't Make It)

by Hector Diego
Should Jesus Christ be depicted on the cross, urinating into a toilet?

My questions here are, what amounts to a breach of public solidarity--an affront to civil harmony--on the one hand, and the rights of individual self-expression--even the very need for a healthy society to permit "offensive" self-expression--on the other hand?

The recent incident at a university in the Indian city of Baroda makes me glad that I have two figurative hands. Since my work is in the field of Indian religion and I admit to a Hindu bias, I was interested to see what Indian Christians--strange bedfellows with their Hindu brethren in this particular case (as when religious Hindus, Muslims, and Christians joined with Indian feminists to protest female beauty pageants)--were so upset about.

I could see how someone could feel offended by the Christ piece, which is why I only linked to it. Someone might find this strange for a guy who posted a Jesus Elvis, showing the King to be divine and human at the same time. I posted that one because I was not offended by it. I found the Baroda Christ to be offensive at least because it seems to me, offense is the intention of the artist. India's religious and political climate is so charged and ready for violence that I believe it is rather irresponsible to exhibit such art at this time. And Dr. Bharat Gupt (University of Delhi) is correct to point out that the incident says much about the struggle for political control of India.

I can understand Gupt's broad-scale observation when I consider the extreme nature of all of this. First of all, I must affirm the universal right of individual self-expression as a core principle, to be dispensed with only in the most dire of emergencies. On the other hand, the intent of the Baroda art students to bait Hindus and Christians into such an extreme as closing down an art exhibit and jailing an art student, is plain.

I see my children do this kind of stuff all the time. I usually tolerate it and occasionally intervene, sometimes coming down on one side or another if I can figure out whose rights are being trampled the most, but since these kiddie battles are only part of larger kiddie wars, this is usually impossible.

Fixing the blame in the Baroda case is similar to the stickiness of the battles I witness daily. The best way to resolve it would be to make it so that the Baroda artist is freed from jail immediately, and mildly compensated (he does not need a huge compensation, since his work will undoubtedly be in demand from now on), and then make it so that artists everywhere no longer deliberately try to get themselves countries where such acts are like a match to dry tinder, and far more is at stake than a few people's artistic freedom. They could (and should) be allowed to have private showings of anything at all. Perhaps I value non-violence too much?

But, you can't make these things turn out the way you want them to...even though both the left and the right in India like to play with fire.

That's another reason God gave us two put out fires.

Tori Amos Playlist

by Jay Allbritton
I'm trying to introduce Hector Diego to Tori Amos. Shouldn't be a hard sell, really. The woman is top notch in every respect. Making this playlist from the very problematic beta version of Project Playlist--I like the site a lot, don't get me wrong, but when they say Beta version, they're not kidding--helped get me back in touch with a lot of great music I had forgotten about. Unfortunately, most of these are live versions. They're good recordings, but the album versions are highly recommended.

Here's a couple of videos while we're at it.

Tori Amos - Pretty Good Year

Tori Amos - Marianne

Tori Amos - Let it Be

George Harrison---"Stuck Inside A Cloud"

by Hector Diego

Sriman Bhakta George Harrison (1943--2001)


Antique walrus print courtesy of FineRarePrints.Com