Saturday, March 31, 2007

John Lennon's Testimony to Canadian Weed Commission

by Jay Allbritton
In 1972, a Canadian government commission issued a report that recommended that Canada regulate marijuana the same way it regulates alcohol. Know as the La Dain Commission, the body interviewed many witnesses--among them John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Since Yoko is still alive, her testimony remains classified, but John's testimony has been available since 2003 (h/t SBT). Interesting read. The people asking the questions sound like the type of people one might like to have in their government. Uh, the words open minded come to mind.

Beach Boys---God Only Knows

by Hector Diego

The Walrus Speaks is supposed to be about music, politics, culture, and religion. So, let's hear Brian Wilson's thoughts on God.

Hey Jude

by Hector Diego

I'll never forget that evening in 1968, glued to the TV set. The parents of America wanted to know who in hell was Jude? The kids didn't care.

I didn't know whether to shit or go blind, it was that great.

Blue Oyster Cult---Don't Fear The Reaper

by Hector Diego

We perfect our lives when we do not fear death. Many will claim no fear of the Reaper, yet few tell the real truth--most of us don't know ourselves. I'll admit it.

Absolute tranquility is very rare, but worth striving for.

Crowded House---Don't Dream It's Over

by Hector Diego

Now I'm walking again, to the beat of the drum, and I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart...

Creedence Clearwater Revival---Proud Mary

by Hector Diego

By the end of the century, John Fogerty--the genius who wrote CCR's songs--had fallen on hard times. Somehow the rights to his music had been sold off, and Fogerty had not been very thoughtful about he had spent his money.

So he hit the road, playing concerts all over America to make a living. Now, get this part--it'll kill you. The folks that owned Fogerty's songs claimed he could not play them in concert without reimbursing them.

However, my faith in justice was restored when a judge ruled that, no matter who owns music, an artist has the right to support himself by playing his own songs in concert.

Thank you.

Good Day Sunshine, From Me To You

by Hector Diego

Broadcasting in cyber space from America's Deep South, KTWS RADIO comes to you 24/7, every day of the year. And it's such a beautiful day! I'm happy to report that the local temperature is a very pleasant 69 Beatle degrees...

God and Goddess bless you and keep you on this fine day...


by Hector Diego

If you lived on the island of the Angles and the Saxons (ok, let's throw some Jutes in there) during the 1960's, you saw these videos of the Beatles, or so I hear. But Americans did not get to see them...what in hell was up with that? All we got were a few live performances on Ed Sullivan--a lifelong resident of my hometown, Port Chester, NY, bless his soul--and a few videos, not all the stuff the British got.

The boys at KTWS RADIO--that's
on your cyber radio dial--know what musical starvation is like.

We will not let you go hungry for the Beatles.

John Lennon---I'm Only Sleeping

by Hector Diego

Kenny Loggins---House At Pooh Corner

by Hector Diego

You know a little kid? Got one inside you? Don't have a PUNK BAD ATTITUDE?

I'm still looking for the studio version. Go eat some honey.

Oasis---The Hindu Times

by Hector Diego

"I just wanna be a woman..."

by Jay Allbritton
More Portishead, ya'all. This is my favorite Portishead song, "Glorybox".

And while we're on the subject of Portishead, this is a fantastic performance by Portishead singer Beth Gibbons and the backing band from her solo record. It's called, for some reason i do not understand, "Tom the Model".

Friday, March 30, 2007

Janis Joplin---Mercedes Benz

by Hector Diego

Steve Miller---The Joker

by Hector Diego

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey

by Hector Diego

Simon And Garfunkel---I Am A Rock

by Hector Diego

"A rock feels no pain..."

Gladys Knight And The Pips---Midnight Train To Georgia

by Hector Diego

Brook Benton---Rainy Night In Georgia

by Hector Diego

KTWS RADIO kicks out the jams, baby.

Eddie Cochran---Summertime Blues

by Hector Diego

"I'd like to help you, son, but you're too young to vote."

Indie Watch--We Landed on the Moon

by Jay Allbritton

Great new bands keep coming out of the wood work. We Landed on the Moon (on tour now) has a very futuristic sound, perhaps that's why they went to the moon in the first place. I don't buy the Rilo Kiley comparison, but this band is damn good in it's own way.

From IGN:
Somewhere between the rocking folk of Rilo Kiley and the punk side of The Pretenders is Baton Rouge quintet We Landed On The Moon. Like the two aforementioned bands, a killer female lead singer is at the front of We Landed On The Moon with a solid band in tow. Melissa Eccles has the pipes to really belt out the tunes, and the confident swagger to rock with the best of them. The fire in the roared lyric, "You're such a hitless wonder", on "Lovely" will stop listeners in their tracks, while the staggering punk of dirty riffed "Indian Song" and powerhouse conclusion of "Before The Lights Come Up" show completely different sides of her.

Here's We Landed on the Moon doing "Rabbit Hole":

MP3: We Landed on the Moon - Everything is Fine.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

George Harrison---This Is Love

by Hector Diego

Sit down and really listen to this one--like we're doing here at KTWS cyber radio, broadcasting from America's Deep South, where alligators play.

It's all about love, baby.

Paul And Linda Having Fun

by Hector Diego

If you want something light and sweet, this is for you.

Paul McCartney---Uncle Albert

by Hector Diego

I never knew this video existed until today.

Jennifer O'Connor - Garden Dirt

by Jay Allbritton
Just stumbled upon Jennifer O'Connor today, and I am immediately impressed. Here's a piece on her from NPR.

And this is "Garden Dirt".

Lonnie Donegan---Rock Island Line

by Hector Diego

If you don't know who Lonnie Donegan is, you have flunked Intro to Beatles History.

Leadbelly---Pick A Bale O' Cotton

by Hector Diego

"Me and my wife can pick a bale of cotton..."

Umberto Tozzi---Ti Amo

by Hector Diego

The bull of Turin--Tozzi's hometown.

In 1977 Umberto Tozzi's Ti Amo was number one in Italy for seven months. Sometimes KTWS RADIO includes non-English language vocals.

Please forgive us if so far these have mostly been in Italian. Hey, everyone loves a little Italian, right?

Joan Baez---Here's To You

by Hector Diego

Paul Simon and George Harrison---Here Comes The Sun

by Hector Diego

Sunrise on San Francisco Bay.

Harry Belafonte---Turn Around

by Hector Diego

I couldn't find the version of Harry Belafonte--who co-wrote it--or anyone else, except for this dude. It has been recorded by many.

Once again, I state the reason no one today composes a melody as good as Turn Around.

They cannot.

Rod Stewart---Maggie May

by Hector Diego

I'm not a big fan of Stewart's, but this song is a true classic.

Madonna---Like A Virgin

by Hector Diego

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Portishead - Humming

by Jay Allbritton
Hector seemed a bit enamoured with the Portishead. This song is a bit more representative of the Portishead sound than "Sour Times", which was a slight departure for them. This is "Humming".

Grateful Dead---Ripple

by Hector Diego

"When they began playing electric instruments in 1965 they dubbed themselves the Warlocks, but finding the name already in use, they thumbed through a dictionary until they stumbled on 'Grateful dead, defined as a traditional British folk ballad in which a person helps a ghost who has recently died find peace.'"

I know a dude that hates the Dead. But he likes Ripple.

Peter, Paul, And Mary---Puff The Magic Dragon

by Hector Diego

This song needs no explanation. It happens to us all.

American Artist, Phil Ochs (1940---1976)

by Hector Diego

If you have never heard of Phil Ochs, consider yourself initiated today, pilgrim.

Dubliners---Joe Hill

by Hector Diego

Listen up, you liberals. Joe Hill set the example.

Conservative Georgia Congressman Bob Barr Sees The Light, Says Anti-Marijuana Laws Unnecessary Government Intrusion

by Hector Diego

Is this a good use of our law enforcement
military personnel?

The anti-marijuana laws in America are really an abrogation of first amendment rights to freedom of religion. Why?

One of the main obstacles to the legalization or decriminalization of the harmless plant is the voting block of conservative Christians. They can tolerate the legality of alcohol because, after all, people drink in the Bible--even to the point of drunkenness leading to other serious moral lapses. But, since it is in the Bible, it is part of Biblical culture.

The use of marijuana is not part of Biblical culture, and Christian conservatives rightly understand that its use causes people to question conservative Christian values. But did our Founding Fathers intend that American society should be held hostage to the values of any one social group? It's our own fault if we do not elect pro-decriminalization and pro-legalization candidates. Of course, if we are consumed with continuing or ending a hopeless war, there isn't enough time in the day left to consider more subtle points of interest...such as the slippery slope our constitutional rights are sliding down as COP KILLERS are let out of jail early to make room for MARIJUANA SELLERS.

The drug laws in this country have no constitutional validity. Now, even some conservatives are waking up to this fact: the drug war is stupid. Read about the drug policy conversion of Bob Barr, Republican, Georgia.

Carl Perkins---Blue Suede Shoes

by Hector Diego

Buddy Holly----That'll Be The Day

by Hector Diego

Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

Peter Tosh---Johnny B. Goode

by Hector Diego

Peter Tosh's I and I version of this song sounds so natural, you gotta love it.

Real Kwik-E-Marts? Excellent.

by Jay Allbritton
From Richmond Times-Dispatch.
It appears as though the world's largest convenience store will get Simpsonized, though 7-Eleven Inc. said the deal isn't done yet.

But at a company event yesterday in Richmond, officials showcased their planned promotional efforts with major upcoming films, including "The Simpsons Movie."

If all goes as planned, the convenience store chain plans to refit 11 stores across the U.S. -- Richmond is an unlikely choice -- to resemble the front of the Kwik-E-Mart, the convenience store that Homer and other characters frequent in the classic cartoon TV series.

Here's one of the trailers for the upcoming Simpsons movie.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Early Beatles---Johnny B. Goode

by Hector Diego

This one was never released during the Beatles' career. Heck, even the Beatles' garbage is tasty.

Beatles---Yer Blues

by Hector Diego

Green Day---Brain Stew

by Hector Diego

Pointer Sisters---Neutron Dance

by Hector Diego

I'm just burnin', doing the Neutron Dance.

Doors---The Little Red Rooster...

by Hector Diego too lazy to crow for day...


by Hector Diego

Portishead---Sour Times

by Hector Diego

The Station Agent's post of Sour Times by Portishead frustrated me with its skipping, so here is a studio version that won't. I agree, they are great.

Third-hand Portishead Spy Report

by Jay Allbritton
Last week, Beth Gibbons joined Portishead band mates and DJs Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley on stage at a Bristol, England club to perform a couple of songs.

Portishead's third album is so far overdue that many fans have given up on the band. Shame really, they were awesome.

Here's "Sour Times" by Portishead.


by Hector Diego

I often use this song to point out some crazy stuff. All You Need Is Love has been lampooned by people on both the right and the left. Therefore, it's message must be true.

You know that.

Saving Private Ryan---Hymn To The Fallen

by Hector Diego

Some folks criticised this film for being too realistic. I do not agree. It did not glorify war, instead, it showed us what war really is.


by Hector Diego

Say what you will about Mel Gibson--I've said a few things myself--he has made some great films.

Concerning Hobbits

by Hector Diego

Howard Shore is certainly a genius of modern orchestral music. I mean, a sheer genius!

Indie Watch--Ted Leo

by Jay Allbritton
Took me a while to like Ted Leo (MySpace here), and now I don't know why it did. He's a powerhouse.

The Michigan Daily reviews Ted Leo and the Pharmacists new album Living with the Living:
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have always walked the line of pop punk with respect and care, blending their backgrounds of R&B and soul with Leo's highly literate lyrics to create a sound that is both catchy and thoughtful. Leo's trademarked scorching guitar riffs and soothing falsetto made Hearts of Oak (2003) and Shake the Sheets (2004) quiet top-fivers in critics' year-end picks. Now the group returns with their fourth full-length album Living with the Living, which emphasizes Leo's political message more than previous efforts but still incorporates the group's addictive guitar work and pop structures.

When he's not rocking HARD with the Pharmacists, Leo rocks slightly less hard on the acoustic guitar.

Here's "Me and Mia".

MP3: Ted Leo - Sons of Cain.

Catch Ted Leo and the Pharmacists on tour now.

Monday, March 26, 2007


by Hector Diego

This was supposed to be included in the film A Hard Day's Night, but never made it.

Beatles---The Word

by Hector Diego

Say the word...the word is love.

Barry McGuire---Eve Of Destruction

by Hector Diego

Rama Navami---Birthday Of Lord Rama

by Hector Diego

Today is Rama Navami (Ram Naumi), the birthday of Lord Rama. In this picture the cylindrical object with the om symbol represents Lord Shiva. In Hinduism, the gods worship each other.

It is said that Hindus are polytheistic. They do not think there is more than one God--that would be logically absurd. However, they are fine with others thinking of God in a different way. Because they do not take a fanatic view of divinity, Westerners think of them as polytheistic.

Monotheism was not invented by Abraham. But those who came after him took out a patent on the idea, nevertheless.

Hindus believe in avataras--God descended to earth in various forms. There's one for everybody, and that makes Hinduism pluralistic, not "polytheistic."

"Sometimes I find it's better to be somebody else..."

by Jay Allbritton
The Dave Matthews Band made some incredible music there for a little while, and this is a fine rendition of one of those great early songs called "So Much to Say". Accompanying the band for this performance is acoustic guitar master Tim Reynolds.

Dave did a great version of "In My Life" at the John Lennon tribute in 2001.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

John Lennon---Cold Turkey

by Hector Diego

Heroin. Do not mess with it.

"The potential you'll be that you'll never see..."

by Jay Allbritton
Hector asked if any bands have covered Elliott Smith. There have been more and more Elliott covers cropping up. Here's one from the the great indy band Metric. It's "Between the Bars"

Elliott did the occasional cover himself. This isn't the best quality audio, but it's nice to see Elliott had good taste. Here's Mr. Smith doing "Jealous Guy" by the one and only John Lennon.

George Harrison---All Things Must Pass

by Hector Diego

I believe Harrison's All Things Must Pass was the largest selling Beatles' solo album. I'm hoping you good Buddhists out there won't mind George talking about the eternal soul.

On another note, here's this. If anyone is a solid Beatles man, I am. But I have always resented John's and Paul's attitude towards George's music. It's good for the rest of us that George did not resent it too much and leave the band--for the Beatles needed all four to be the Beatles.

Chet Atkins---Young Thing

by Hector Diego

You Beatleologists out there know George Harrison's history--as a youngster he studied the guitar styles of artists like Chet Atkins and Carl Perkins, practicing their riffs until his fingers bled. I'm inclined to believe this tale.

Merle Haggard---Okie From Muskogee

by Hector Diego

I saw this deal on PBS once? Old Willie Nelson was talking about his friend Merle Haggard? According to Nelson, the lyrics to Okie From Muskogee are really tongue in cheek. If you think that Haggard never fired one up to compliment that white lightnin'...

And when has any red-blooded American kid ever respected the college dean?


Bob Wills' Texas Playboys

by Hector Diego

Bob Wills, 1905--1975.

The only thing missing here is old Bob doing his "aaah-ha!"

I was introduced to the work of Bob Wills And The Texas Playboys by my American music guru, Erik the banjo man. Texas swing may not be popular anymore, but it was enormously influential. I think it's great.

Carter Family---Coal Miner's Blues

by Hector Diego

The Carters in 1929.

Pink Floyd---Dark Side Of The Moon

by Hector Diego

James Taylor---Fire And Rain

by Hector Diego

Jesus confounded his elders.

When I first heard this song, at age 16 or so, I realized that no one could own Jesus. Some people think they do, but they're just preaching to the choir, now, aren't they?

Jesus is for everyone. That's my idea of a "universal religion".

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby---Early Beatles, Live At The BBC

by Hector Diego

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's in Your arthroPod?

by Jay Allbritton

Here's the random 10 that just came out of my MP3 player (image by Stacy Sedai):

1. Elliott Smith - Color Bars
2. Nonpoint - Mindtrip
3. Neil Young - This Old Guitar
4. Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life
5. Mountain Goats - This Year
6. Rolling Stones - Time is on My Side
7. Rilo Kiley - Absence of God
8. The Beatles - When I'm 64
9. Kanye West - Jesus Walks
10. Wilco - Jesus, etc.

Huh. Two songs with Jesus in the title in a row and one called "The Absence of God". Hmm.

Feel free to add your own random 10 in the comments.

Here's Elliott Smith playing "Color Bars":


Antique walrus print courtesy of FineRarePrints.Com